Katie Elevitch

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 Album Cover Art Courtesy of  Jamie Gaviola

 Album Cover Art Courtesy of Jamie Gaviola

In March of 2011, having just completed a 7 month long intense and truly transforming yoga teacher training, Katie teamed up once again with her longtime producer and collaborator Riley McMahon, with the intention of finding voice and sound for her profound healing experience.

The CD Release celebration will be on June 22nd at Union Arts Center, Sparkill, NY.


             NOW IS THE DESTINATION 2005

“Katie Elevitch's first full-length album fulfills her early promise and then some...Don't hesitate to discover this new talent."

-Big Takeover (Issue #55)


            KINDLING FOR THE FIRE 2008

“Burning with primal power and raging intensity, New York rock siren Katie Elevitch's second cd is astonishingly good, one of the best that’s come over the transom this year” - Lucid Culture

After the sudden death of her father in September 2006, Katie moved to a small cottage in her hometown overlooking the Hudson River, in order to be closer to family and to grieve. In January 2007, Katie transformed the cottage into a recording studio and brought her favorite musicians up for a weekend long recording session.

All basic tracks were recorded live, including the vocals. The title track was recorded live and completely improvised as a band, with no overdubs used at all in the final mastered version, although it was edited down for time concerns. The record was an attempt to capture not only the improvisational spirit and tightness of the band (together since 2004) in an intimate, raw way, using as many live tracks as possible, but also an effort to commune with — even collaborate with — the creative spirit energies vibrating in the walls of, and in the land surrounding, this special place.


  HE ROAMS EP Coming Soon in 2016

In the fall of 2007, on the one year anniversary of her father's passing, Katie sat down and quickly wrote this collection of taut, emotional rock songs that were then recorded in 2009 with Riley McMahon on guitar, Jonathan Maron on bass, and Adrian Harpham on drums. Look for the official digital release on Veteran's Day, 2016.